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Hello and welcome to my home page. I'm so glad you could drop by.

Please make yourself at home. Perhaps you'd care for a quick game of snooker while you decide where to go next...

To get here, you probably travelled on the information superhighway. I'm sure you had fun along the way.

In the alternative reality known as "the real world", highways can be much less fun. In the UK alone, 10 people die every day in road accidents. We could take drastic action: ban all cars and sit around all day in the relative safely of cyberspace. But that would be defeatist, and really rather boring. Instead we can take responsibility; improve our driving; and find that safe driving can be fun.

The IAM Badge

The Institute of Advanced Motorists
Skill with Responsibility

Links to some technical stuff that I find interesting
Resume Keywords: SOC ASIC hardware software codesign verification NLP Dialog!

If you are interested, then you can view my Resume on-line.

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I can be contacted at dave@whipp.name